Fume cupboards

dscf2584small1Each research worker in the Joseph Priestley Building has access to a state of the art 1m deep x 2m wide fumec upboard equipped with automatic CO2 extinguishers, in built pressure regulators, taps for compressed air, high vacuum and water, and two sinks


 medium_nmr5The departmental NMR service has four NMR spectrometers: one 270MHz JEOL, two 400 MHz Brukers  equipped with robotic autosamplers and one 600MHz machine.  We have a permanent NMR experimental officer.


untitledThe group has a CEM explorer hybrid-12 microwave synthesiser capable of automatically switching between 10ml and 35ml vials.  This is controlled by the desktop computer in the write-up area.


We are fortunate enough to have joint ownership of a Varian Superflash chromatography for the automated purification of common organic compounds.


The department has a range of Bruker Tensor 27 IR machines with a Pike MIRacle ATR for use by researchers.


The department has an in house analytical service comprising of an Agilent LC-MS, complete with a 1100 Series LC and SL Ion Trap MSD, an Agilent GC-MS, comprising a 6890 GC and 5973 MSD, and a suite of HPLC machines for both chiral, achiral, prep and analytical separations.


The department has an MBraun solvent purification system for the provision of dry THF, ether, PhMe, DCM and DMF on tap.


We have facilitles on site for the collection and structure determination of a variety of small molecules, as well as proteins.  We have a permanent X-ray experimental officer.

Glass Blowing

In partnership with the University of London, we have access to one of only three scientific glassblowers in London, who can make any reasonably designed piece of glassware for a wide range of purposes.